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Baytree Homeowners' Association, Inc. is a CID (Common Interest Development) located on the upper west side of Santa Cruz, California, clustered around two cul-de-sacs branching off Nobel Drive:

    Peach Terrace (76 Units)  
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    Torry Pine Terrace (66 Units)  
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Baytree residents enjoy a premium location, situated just below the UC Santa Cruz campus and overlooking Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay, with numerous Nearby Resources.

The Baytree complex is a PUD (Planned Unit Development) made up of 142 townhouse units, in groups of between 2 and 6, totaling 42 buildings.  Members hold "fee simple interest" title (ownership) of the lot (land) and all improvements (foundation, structure, plumbing, windows, roof, etc.) and sky above.  The various floor plans have either 2 or 3 bedrooms, with one or two floors.  All units include a full kitchen, in-unit laundry, private entrance and at least one full bathroom.  Shared common "party" walls have 2 layers with a air gap for sound reduction.  Units on Peach Terrace have fenced private areas with concrete patios.  Torry Pine Terrace units have fenced porches and patios, and some have 2nd floor decks.  Baytree residents have access to on-site parking and Common Area grounds (lawns, sidewalks, trees, garden beds).  There are no shared facilities such as a swimming pool, laundry rooms, athletic fields, gyms, etc.

Phases:  The Baytree complex was built in 5 "phases", each with a separate driveway and parking lot section
Phase 1:  100-130 Peach Terrace (EVEN#s) - 16 Units - built 1974-75
Phase 2:  132-182 Peach Terrace (EVEN#s) - 26 Units - built 1975-76
Phase 3:  101-167 Peach Terrace (ODD#s) - 34 Units - built 1976-77
Phase 4:  102-168 Torry Pine Terrace (EVEN#s) - 34 Units - built 1978-79
Phase 5:  101-163 Torry Pine Terrace (ODD#s) - 32 Units - built 1979-80

Parking:  Each Unit has exclusive use of one dedicated covered carport space, plus access to one open "guest" space on a first-come-first-served basis.  Guest parking "hanger" permits are enforced by routine security patrol.  On-street parking is also available but from September to June there is a 2-hour limit without a valid permit.  On-street "westside" parking permits are available from the City and require proof of residence.

Regular monthly assessments: (aka "dues") cover such things as: common area maintenance (landscaping, parking lots, carports, sidewalks, etc.), shared asset maintenance and repair (roofs, exterior walls, fences, painting, gutter cleaning, etc.), refuse (dumpsters), recycling, water (individual Unit use is charged back to Members), security, and basic group insurance coverage.  Units have individual electric and gas meters billed directly by the utility company to the owners.  Unit structures and interiors are maintained and insured by the individual owners. Modifications to Units that effect structure, outside appearance, or common HOA-maintained components require Association approval through an Architectural Change Request (ACR) process.

Baytree Homeowners' Association, Inc. is a California Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation, established on May 24, 1976 (CA Corp# C0770184).  The Association is governed by a 5-member Board of Directors that convenes monthly, usually on the 4th Monday at 5:30 PM at the Management Company offices.  The full Association Membership meets annually, usually in early December, at a facility near the Baytree complex.

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