Carport+Asphalt Replacement Project

The Carport Project has entered the "home stretch", but things are still happening. This page will continue to change/update from time-to-time. Re-visit periodically to stay current.

Thursday, July 04, 2019
Construction Update:
(Note: Listed in order of most active)

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As of Thursday 04-July-2019, all 5 Phases (parking lots) of Baytree HOA are back to "normal". There are no special permits or parking spaces in effect. All the "guest" spaces on Peach Terrace and Torry Pine Terrace are available to any vehicle displaying a valid orange "BAYTREE HOA" guest permit. No further parking lot closures are planned or foreseen.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for all of your patience, understanding, and cooperation for the last 36 months that this has been going on. The Association cannot adequately express its appreciation for your efforts and sacrifice. But we can all join together in enjoying the new carports and parking lots for years to come.

The Project has entered the closing phase, with special situations listed below. One global issue that remains is the "shiners" under the roofs. That is being addressed, and may involve some "shuffling" of cars, but remains TBD.
IMPORTANT: Members and Residents are requested to be on the look-out for things that seem unfinished or "off". Questions and concerns should be directed to the Carport Committee or Jennifer Stearns at Shoreline as soon as possible.

Phase"E" (101-167 Peach Terrace [ODD #s]):    OPEN & FINISHING
The roof membranes are finished, the seal-coat and striping applied, and the lot re-opened for residential use on Saturday June 29th. The "Green Star" spaces have been removed and the placards are no longer valid. The rain gutters and downspouts will be installed starting some time the week of July 8th. Residents will not be required relocate their cars for this work this work to be done. There are a few other bits and pieces to be finished, including minor electrical and landscape bits. NOTE: Some underground water issues remain under investigation. But they appear related to irrigation, however, and subsequent repairs or alterations will be addressed outside the scope of the Carport/Paving Project.
Now it's "punch-list" time. PLEASE look around for anything unfinished or that we might have missed, and let us know.

Phase"D" (132-182 Peach Terrace [EVEN #s]):    OPEN & FINISHING
The seal-coat and striping are complete. The lot is open. The dumpsters and recycling bins have been put back in their places. There are some seal-coat adjustments to be made for one car that couldn't be towed on July 1st. Some landscape restoration continues as one-by-one lawn areas are cleared from material and vehicle staging. Some adjustments to the electrical panels remain to separate carport and common area lighting.
Remember, it's "punch-list" time. PLEASE look around and if you see anything we've missed let us know.

Phase"A" (101-163 Torry Pine Terrace [ODD #s]):    OPEN & FINISHING
All of the "Green Star" spaces have reverted to normal guest spaces for residential use. The seal-coat patches and striping are complete.
Installation of the other meter is apparently (and unbelievably) not going to happen until August or so. Once that is complete, some adjustments will be made to the electrical panels to separate carport and common area lighting.
Meanwhile, it's "punch-list" time. PLEASE look around and if you see anything we've missed let us know.

Phase"B" (102-168 Torry Pine Terrace [EVEN #s]):    OPEN & FINISHING;
Starting Friday, June 28th some additional seal-coat patches and maybe a bit more striping will happen at the same time as Phase"E" and/or Phase"D" above. Please honor the mark-offs and do not drive or walk through the seal-coat areas until the markers are removed.
It's "punch-list" time. PLEASE look around and if you see anything we've missed let us know.

Phase"C" (100-130 Peach Terrace [EVEN #s]):    OPEN & FINISHING
The "Green Star" and "PhaseD" signs have been removed and all guest spaces are once again available. Some adjustments to the electrical panels remain to separate carport and common area lighting.
Right now, however, it's "punch-list" time. PLEASE look around and if you see anything we've missed let us know.


  • [Pending] Week of July 8, 2019 - Phase"E" (101-167[ODD] Peach Terrace) - Rain gutter and downspout installation - the lot remains open.
  • [Pending] August (sometime) - Phase"A" (101-163[ODD] Torry Pine Terrace) - Installation of 2nd PG&E electric meter.
  • [TBD] - All Phases - "Shiners" trimmed and painted.

Thu, Jul 4th [complete] - ALL PHASES: Parking returns to "normal", no special permits, etc.
Mon-Tue, Jul 1st-2nd [complete] - Phase"D" Seal-Coat and Striping lot re-opened at 5:00pm.
Fri-Tue, Jun 28th - Jul 2nd [complete] - Phases "A"&"B" Spot Seal-coat and Striping while lot remained open.
Sat, Jun 29th [OPEN] - Phase"E" Parking Lot RE-OPENED. "Green Star" permits expired at 5:00pm.
Fri-Sat, Jun 28th-29th [complete] - Phase"E" Seal-Coat and Striping lot re-opened at 5:00pm.
Thu, Jun 27th [complete] - Phase"E" Roof Membranes finished - but not raingutters and downspouts.
Tue, Jun 18th [complete] - Phase"E" Construction Resumed lot "soft close" with hard close 07:30am June 19th.
Week of Jun 10th [complete] - Phase"E" Plywood Inspection and planning.
Thu, Apr 4th [complete] - Phase"E" Construction Suspended and lot temporarily re-opened until June 18th.
Wed, Apr 3rd [complete] - Phase"E" Leak Detection and water shutdown 09:00-11:30, pointed at irrigation.
Fri, Mar 8th [complete] - Phase"E" Dumpster Enclosure construction and the balance of the painting.
Fri, Feb 22nd [complete] - Phase"E" Electric conduit and light fixture installation.
Thu, Feb 7th [complete] - Phase"E" Asphalt fills of conduit cut-outs and adjustments to areas with drainage issues.
Fri, Feb 1st [complete] - Phase"E" Staining and mounting the cedar cladding on the steel posts.
Mon, Jan 21st [complete] - Phase"A" Temporary power switched over to new PG&E Electric Meters in one the 2 new panels.
Mon, Jan 14th [complete] - Phase"A" PG&E installed a new Electric Meters in on the 2 new panels.
Fri, Jan 11th [complete] - Phase"E" The Etching and Painting the steel frames.
Fri, Jan 04, 2019 [complete] - Phase"E" The LAST of roof plywood finished, awaiting City inspection and membrane installation.
Mon, Dec 17th [complete] - Phase"E" The LAST of the metal framing work was finished, including dumpster enclosure gates.
Wed, Dec 12th [complete] - Phase"E" The LAST concrete pier poured! [MILESTONE] Major underground work complete!.
Fri, Nov 23rd [complete] - Phase"E" Planned water shutdown to repair/relocate 2 supply lines.
Wed, Nov 14th [complete] - Phase"E" Drilling pier holes, setting rebar cages, pouring concrete piers - finally done 12/12.
Wed, Nov 14th [complete] - Phase"E" Emergency water shutdown due to hit supply line.
Wed-Fri, Nov 7th-9th [complete] - Phase"E" Survey, USAs, and engineering calcs to pinpoint piers and heights.
Mon, Nov 5th [complete] - Phase"E" Asphalt paving - finished the next week.
Fri, Nov 2nd [complete] - Phase"D" Catch-up damaged flatwork sidewalk section repair.
Fri, Nov 2nd [complete] - Phase"C" Catch-up flatwork sidewalk replacement pour.
Mon-Fri, Oct 29th- Nov 2nd [complete] - Phase"E" Storm drains, flatwork, and final grading/compaction.
Thu-Fri, Oct 25th-26th [complete] - Phase"E" Grading and compacting continue.
Mon-Wed, Oct 22th-24th [complete] - Phase"E" Flatwork replacement and storm drains.
Tue-Wed, Sep 11th-12th [complete] - Phase"E" Asphalt demolition and removal.
Tue, Sep 11th [resolved] - Phase"E" Brief emergency water shutdown 11:35am-2:15pm.
Thu-Fri, Sep 6th-7th [complete] - Phase"E" Large sand slurry pours to fill all the trenches.
Tue-Fri, Sep 4th-7th [complete] - Phase"B" & Phase"C" Seal-coat and striping. Drive gently ("Best Practices" PDF).
Tue, Sep 4th [complete] - Phase"E" 4 hr water and all-day select sewer shutdown to repair and relocate lines.
Tue-Wed, Aug 28th-29th [complete] - Phase"E" Carport DEMOLTION finished, removed the last old concrete footings.
Wed, Aug 22nd [complete] - Phase"E" Day-long WATER SHUTDOWN to relocate supply lines.
Fri, Aug 3rd [complete] - Phase"E" Emergency water shutoff at to repair damaged residential main.
Thu, July 12th [complete] - Phase"E" Carport DEMOLTION began. Brief hold due to underground issues (above).
Tue, July 10th [finishing] - Phase"E" STARTED at 101-167(ODD) Peach Terrace. The parking lot CLOSED by end-of-day.
Mon, July 9th [OPEN] - Phase"D" Parking Lot RE-OPENED. "Purple Star" permits expired at 5:00pm that day.
Mon, July 2nd [past] - Phase"E" Town Hall Meeting. "Green Star" permits assigned [Now INVALID].
Fri, June 15th [complete] - Phase"D" - Steel Frame assembly completed. On to the roof framing and services installations.
Tue, June 11th [complete] - Phase"D" - Concret Piers finished and cured. Risk of further service interruptions is virtually zero. Assembly of the Steel Carport Frames begins.
Mon, May 14th [complete] - Phase"D" - CONCRETE PIERS start being drilled and poured. There was a risk of more service interruptions. Also, the "short-cut" walkway was closed for the duration of the phase.
Tue, May 1st [complete] - Phase"D" - Final preparations for pier drilling including final measurements and markings, asphalt cutting, metal cage fabrication, material deliveries, etc.
Wed, Apr. 25th-30th [complete] - Phase"D" USA scans renewed to locate pipes etc, followed by a precise land survey, measurements, and final engineering to pinpoint footing pier placements.
Tue, Apr. 3th-5th [complete] - Phase"D" ASPHALT INSTALLATION with lots of noise, beeping, vibration, and SMELL.
Mon, Mar. 26th [complete] - Phase"D" All-day WATER SHUTDOWN to repair a continuing leak the new lines installed in February.
Wed, Feb. 21st-22nd [complete] - Phase"D" WATER SHUT-OFF, 132-182(EVEN) Peach Terrace to replace temporary repairs to domestic and irrigation water lines with permanent fixes.
Thu, Feb. 15, 2018 [complete] - Phase"D" Short-Cut Walkway through the middle of Project CLOSED until the new asphalt is done. [reopened 4/6, closed for duration 5/11]
Wed, Dec. 6th [complete] - Phase"D" CARPORT DEMOLITION began. Be prepared for noise, dust, and vibration.
Tue, Nov. 28th [complete] - Phase"D" STARTED at 132-182(EVEN) Peach Terrace. The parking lot is CLOSED.
Mon, Nov. 27th [complete] - Phase"D" parking lot CLEAR-OUT began at 5:00pm.
Wed, Nov. 22nd [OPEN] - Phase"C" parking Lot re-opened. "Yellow Star" permits expired Friday 11/24.
Thu, Nov. 16th [past] - Phase"D" Town Hall Meeting. "Purple Star" permits assigned [Now INVALID].
Wed, Nov. 15th [OPEN] - Phase"B" Parking Lot RE-OPENED. "Blue Star" permits expired Friday 11/17.
Tue, Aug. 3rd [complete] - Phase"A" Lot cleared do the last big sealcoat and install parking stops.
Tue, July 11th [complete] - Phase"C" Emergency water shutoff at to repair damaged residential main.
Mon, June 19th [finishing] - Phase"C" STARTED at 100-130(EVEN) Peach Terrace. The parking lot was CLOSED. For your own a safety, please respect the fences and signs.
Tue, June 13th [past] - Phase"C" Town Hall Meeting. "Yellow Star" permits assigned [Now INVALID].
Tue, May 30th [finishing] - Phase"B" STARTED at 102-168(EVEN) Torry Pine Terrace. Finish-up work continues in Phase"A", but the parking remains OPEN FOR USE.
Mon, May 29th [OPEN] - Phase"A" Parking Lot RE-OPENED. "Gold Star" permits expired Wed. 6/1.
Tue, May 16th [past] - Phase"B" Town Hall Meeting. "Blue Star" permits assigned [Now INVALID].
Wed, Apr. 13th [complete] - Phase"A" Roof Framing began. Footings for last frames set.
Mon, Mar. 6th [complete] - Phase"A" Pouring concrete piers for first carports, possibly erecting frames and starting on roofs.
Mon, Feb. 13, 2017 [complete] - Phase"A" Many items: steel delivery; pumping/cleaning piers for first groups; inspections; etc.
Mon, Dec. 5th-6th [complete] - Phase"A" Asphalt Installation began.
Thu, Nov. 3rd [complete] - Phase"A" Pavement Removal, followed by base prep, soft spot fixes, conduit trenching, and final grading and rolling for the new asphalt.
Mon, Oct. 10th [complete] - Phase"A" Carport Demolition began.
Thu, Oct. 6th-7th [complete] - Parking Lot testing ALL 5 PHASES - See flyers posted Mon, Oct. 3rd
Wed, Sept. 21st [finishing] - Phase"A" began - Torry Pine Terrace (Units 101-163, ODD#'s) fenced off.
Thu, Sept. 15, 2016 [past] - Phase"A" Town Hall Meeting. "Gold Star" permits assigned [Now INVALID].

READ the Phase"E" Carport and Paving MEMO of June 19, 2018
READ the Phase"D" Carport and Paving MEMO of November 6, 2017
READ the Phase"C" Carport and Paving MEMO of May 25, 2017
READ the Phase"B" Carport and Paving MEMO of May 3, 2017
READ the Phase"A" Carport and Paving MEMO of September 6, 2016

OVERVIEW: Baytree HOA is undertaking a major Capital Improvement Project to completely replace all 44 carport structures in the complex. At the same time, the asphalt parking lot surfaces will be torn up and re-paved. Construction will be done in five "phases" starting with Phase"A" (see Phase List below). During construction the parking lot will be completely inaccessible. To help with parking issues, special Temporary Parking Permits will be issued to each Unit giving exclusive access to a dedicated nearby guest space. To help prepare for this project and answer any questions, a Phase (Town Hall) Meeting will be held on-site shortly before each construction phase is about to begin. Other forms of communication will help make sure everyone is "up-to-date" and "on the same page".

PROJECT INFO: More details about the Carport/Asphalt Replacement Capital Improvement Project are HERE.  TOP 

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have other questions or concerns about the Project, CLICK HERE.

PHASE (Town Hall) MEETINGS: To help Baytree HOA Members and Residents better understand the details of the Carport/Asphalt Project, there will be a series of town-hall style Phase Meetings held on-site shortly before each construction "phase" is set to begin. The next Phase Meeting for Phase"E" has not yet been scheduled. The last Phase Meeting for Phase"D"(see below) is on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 5:00pm on-site near the driveway at the end of Peach Terrace (Units 132-182 EVEN #s). The Phase"A" Meeting was 9/15/2016. The Phase"B" Meeting was 5/16/2017. The Phase"C" Meeting was 6/13/2017. Notices for subsequent Phase Meetings will be posted and sent to HOA Members and Residents a week or so before each meeting.

PARKING: Construction is going to severely impact parking within the Baytree complex. Residents in effected lots will lose access to their dedicated covered carport spaces. Access to the already limited guest spaces will be reduced by 34% to 97%, depending on timing. NOTE: During the overlapping Phase"B" and Phase"C" construction periods, open "guest" spaces within the Baytree complex have been virtually non-existent. Displaced Residents will be issued special temporary parking permits guaranteeing each Unit exclusive access to a dedicated reserved uncovered guest parking space in another section of the Baytree complex. Because guest parking will be drastically reduced and on-street parking is tight while UCSC is in session, Baytree residents are advised to get a Westside parking permit, which requires proof of residency.  TOP 

SPECIAL "STAR" PARKING PERMITS: More details about the special construction parking placards (aka "Star" permits) are available HERE.

CONSTRUCTION PHASES: The Carport/Asphalt Project is being done in 5 "phases", each corresponding with one of the 5 parking lot sections in the Baytree complex.
  "A":   Torry Pine Terrace, Units 101-163(ODD) - 10 carports, 2 refuse    [OPEN] [FINISHING]
  "B":   Torry Pine Terrace, Units 102-168(EVEN) - 9 carports, 2 refuse&storage    [OPEN] [FINISHING]
  "C":   Peach Terrace, Units 100-130(EVEN #s) - 5 carports, 2 refuse    [OPEN] [FINISHING]
  "D":   Peach Terrace, Units 132-182(EVEN #s) - 9 carports, 3 refuse    [OPEN] [FINISHING]
  "E":   Peach Terrace, Units 101-167(ODD #s) - 11 carports, 3 refuse    [OPEN] [FINISHING]

COMMUNICATION: During construction the Association, its Management, and the Contractors will post or send out notices regarding start dates, Phase Meetings, parking issues, etc. Construction schedules, notices and bulletins will be posted regularly at the the mailbox area. X-Day warning notices and reminders will be posted on front doors and on car windshields.
One critical document to read is the Carport and Paving MEMO (plain text version) of June 19th (right) regarding the start date and parking plan. Please read everything carefully and ask any questions you might have ASAP. That way we can work together to make sure things go as smoothly as possible for everyone concerned.
The 4th 11/6/2017 MEMO is here.
The 3rd 5/25/2017 MEMO is here.
The 2nd 5/3/2017 MEMO is here.
The original 9/6/2016 MEMO is here.

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