--DEV-- Carport+Asphalt Replacement Project --DEV--

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KEY DATES - Construction Phase "A":
Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016 at 5:30PM - Town Hall Meeting on-site in Torry Pine Terrace (Units 101-163, ODD#'s)
Wednesday Sept. 21, 2016 - Demolition begins on Torry Pine Terrace (Units 101-163, ODD#'s)

OVERVIEW: Baytree HOA is undertaking a major capital improvement project to completely replace all 44 carport structures within the complex. At the same time, the asphalt parking lot surfaces will be torn up and re-paved. The work will be done in 5 "phases" starting with Construction Phase "A" - the 10 carport structures at Torry Pine Terrace (Units 101-163, ODD). During demolition and construction the parking lot area will be unavailable for approximately 6-7 weeks. To help with parking issues, special Temporary Parking Permits will be issued to each Unit giving exclusive access to a nearby guest parking space reserved for that Unit. To help residents prepare for this project and to answer any questions, there will be an on-site Town Hall Meeting shortly before each each construction phase is about to begin.

Questions or concerns regarding the Carport/Paving Project, the Town Hall meetings, or the Temporary Parking Permit Plan should be directed to:

  Shoreline Property Management
  Phone: 831-426-8013 x 111
  E-mail: Jennifer@shorelinepropertymanagement.com

TOWN HALL MEETINGS: To help Baytree HOA Members and Residents better understand the details of the Carport/Paving Project, there will be a series of Town Hall Meetings held on-site shortly before each construction "phase" is set to begin. The first Town Hall meeting for Phase "A" is currently scheduled for Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 5:30PM on-site at Torry Pine Terrace (Units 101-163 ODD#s). Notices for subsequent meetings will be posted and sent to HOA Members and Residents 2 weeks before each meeting.  TOP 

PARKING: During construction Baytree's already restricted parking problems are going to get even worse. Residents in effected lots will lose access to their dedicated covered carport spaces. The limited number of open guest spaces will be reduced by 34% to 72%, depending on timing. Displaced residents will be issued special temporary parking permits guaranteeing each Unit exclusive access to a dedicated reserved guest parking space in another section of the Baytree complex. Because guest parking will be drastically reduced and street parking is at best chaotic when UCSC is in session, Baytree residents are advised to get a Westside parking permit, which requires proof of residency.  TOP 

SPECIAL PARKING PERMITS: More details about the special construction parking permits are available HERE.  TOP 

CONSTRUCTION PHASES: The Carport/Paving Project is being done in 5 "phases", each corresponding with one of the 5 parking lot sections in the Baytree complex.
  "A":  Torry Pine Terrace, Units 101-163 (Odd addresses) - 10 carport structures, 2 refuse areas
  "B":  Torry Pine Terrace, Units 102-168 (EVEN addresses) - 9 carport structures, 2 refuse areas, 2 storage rooms
  "C":  Peach Terrace, Units 100-130 (EVEN addresses) - 5 carport structures, 2 refuse areas
  "D":  Peach Terrace, Units 132-182 (EVEN addresses) - 9 carport structures, 3 refuse areas
  "E":  Peach Terrace, Units 100-130 (ODD addresses) - 11 carport structures, 3 refuse areas  TOP 

COMMUNICATION: During construction the Association, its Management, and the Contractors will post or send out notices regarding start dates, Town Hall Meetings, parking issues, etc. One critical document is the recent MEMO of Sept. 6th about the start date and parking permit plan. Please be sure to read everything carefully and to ask any questions you might have as soon as possible. That way we can work together to make sure this all goes as smoothly as possible for everyone concerned.  TOP