Project Description

The Association has been working for the past few years to replace the aging carport structures and asphalt parking lot surfaces throughout the Baytree complex at Peach Terrace and Torry Pine Terrace. It's a massive undertaking and has taken a lot of work to prepare. But the plans are done, the funding is in place, and the project is ready to start.

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CARPORT REPLACEMENT: The Baytree HOA complex has 44 carport structures of differing construction. While 8 of the structures on the Peach Terrace side were upgraded to metal posts almost 20 years ago, the other 36 are original components that are around 40 years old and well past their useful life. Due to the differences in design and construction, the Association has chosen to demolish and replace all 44 carport structures beginning September 2016.

ASPHALT REPLACEMENT: The asphalt surfaces in the Baytree HOA private parking lot are also at end-of-life and must be completely replaced. This means removing the top 4"-6" of asphalt and base rock; relaying, compacting, and sealing the substrate; then relaying, sealing, striping, and marking the top asphalt layers. Since the Carport Replacement project will severely impact the asphalt, the re-paving project was delayed until both could be done at the same time.

CONSTRUCTION PHASES: The Project will be done in 5 "phases", each corresponding with one of the 5 parking lot sections in the Baytree complex.
  "A":  Torry Pine Terrace, Units 101-163 (ODD addresses) - 10 carport structures, 2 refuse areas
  "B":  Torry Pine Terrace, Units 102-168 (EVEN addresses) - 9 carport structures, 2 refuse areas, 2 storage rooms
  "C":  Peach Terrace, Units 100-130 (EVEN addresses) - 5 carport structures, 2 refuse areas
  "D":  Peach Terrace, Units 132-182 (EVEN addresses) - 9 carport structures, 3 refuse areas
  "E":  Peach Terrace, Units 100-130 (ODD addresses) - 11 carport structures, 3 refuse areas

IMPLEMENTATION: As each Construction Phase begins, the effected parking lot section will be isolated. Residents will lose access to their reserved covered carport spaces and the open guest parking spaces in that section will be unavailable. The old carports will then be completely demolished including concrete footings, etc. After that, the asphalt surface and any effected concrete hardscape components will be torn up. Any underground services that need work will be done by that time. The base rock and first layer of the asphalt will then be laid down. The new carport structures will be erected. Finally the top layer of asphalt will be put down, sealed, and the appropriate labels and striping will be painted. At that point the lot will re-open for regular use and the Project will move on to the next Phase.

VENDORS: The Board of Directors has selected Richard Avelar & Associates to be both Project Architect and Project Manager for the new carport structures. The Board also selected Pro-Craft Builders as Principal Contractor for both the carport replacement and asphalt replacement work.

CARPORT DESIGN: The new carport design has a metal frame for strength and durability, with exterior wood components for esthetics. Below are the architectural plans from May 2016 and some early design renderings from July 2015, available in PDF format.

thumbnail of 10-pg architectural plans - pg8 thumbnail of renderings of two design options
10-page Architectural Plans
Renderings of two design options

If you prefer to look at hardcopy printouts you are welcome to stop by the Association's Management offices during regular office hours:

  Shoreline Property Management, Inc.
  1100 Water Street, Suite 1 A
  Santa Cruz, CA&&95062
  Regular Office Hours:
  Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  (closed for lunch from Noon - 1 p.m.)
  Friday 8:30 - 12:00 p.m.

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