Temporary Parking Permit Plan

The Baytree HOA Carport/Asphalt Replacement Project will severely impact already tight parking situation within the Baytree HOA complex. To help mitigate the situation, and to preserve basic residential parking access, the Association has implemented a series of Temporary Construction Parking Permits. The plan is nicknamed "the parking shuffle(*)". It uses special signage and parking permits to temporarily reassign open guest spaces in adjacent parking lots for the exclusive use of displaced residents who have lost their reserved covered carport spaces due to construction. As a result, normal access to open guest spaces will be severely diminished for the duration of the project.
The parking situation should return to "normal" around this October or maybe later. The Board can't express how much they appreciates everyone's cooperation and understanding during these obviously trying times.

HOW THE TEMPORARY PERMIT PLAN WORKS: The following description uses permit documentation for the Final Construction Phase "E" (Peach Terrace, Units 101-167 ODD). But the process has been identical for all Phases of the Project. Only the effected Units, the specially re-assigned guest parking spaces, and the matching temporary "star" permits have changed.

Here are the pertinent files:
thumbnail of Phase E Parking Plan Map thumbnail of Sample Temporary Parking Permit thumbnail of Special Permit Release Form thumnail of Start MEMO page 1
Phase"E" Parking Map Sample Special Permit Permit Release Form 06/19 Phase"E" MEMO
- or -
11/06 Phase"D" MEMO
05/25 Phase"C" MEMO
05/03 Phase"B" MEMO
09/06 Phase"A" MEMO

Please examine each of the items above before continuing...

Looking at the MAP, you can see Construction Phase"E" hashed out in GREEN. That is the parking lot areas to be done next. Phase"E" involves 11 carport structures with 34 reserved parking spaces and 18 "guest" spaces. The Parking "shuffle" is designed to guarantee each of those displace Units one reserved parking space to replace the covered carport space they can't use during construction. Now examine the adjacent parking lots and look for stared guest spaces that are also colored GREEN. Those spaces will be reassigned to the displaced Units using special "Star" signs and placards. Each Unit will be assigned a particular space and given a matching Temporary Construction Permit (aka "Green Star" permit) to use when parking in that space. Any vehicle parked in a specially marked parking space without a matching temporary permit may be towed without warning. Replacement placards are $50, so be careful with those temporary permits!
To obtain your Temporary Construction Parking "Star" Permit, please attend the "Phase Meeting" for your construction phase or stop by Shoreline Property Management during regular business hours. Owners who wish to allow their tenants to pick up the permits must fill out a Release Form and submit it to Shoreline Property Management ASAP. Again, please read the MEMO for all the details.
THE "NORMAL" PARKING SITUATION: The Baytree complex has 142 townhouse Units, each with its own dedicated covered carport parking space. In addition there are 73 open "Guest" parking spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis using an HOA-issued hanger permit. With only one "Guest" space for every two Units, it's no surprise that parking within the Baytree complex is somewhat limited and an on-going bone of contention.
There is also a certain amount of on-street parking along Nobel Drive, Peach Terrace, Torry Pine Terrace, and other side streets. When UCSC is in session, however, on-street parking usually fills up during the day. On-street parking has become so congested that the City implemented a 2-hour parking limit, unless the vehicle displays a valid Westside parking permit, and is enforced from Sept. 15th - June 30th each year. For more information, click HERE.
Note: Orange "BAYTREE HOA" guest permits are not valid on City streets. City permits are not valid within the Baytree complex. Expired Blue "B.T.H.O.A." guest permits not not valid anywhere and are subject to immediate tow without warning. Vehicles parked in a specially marked reserved temporary construction "Star" spaces without a valid matching special temporary construction permit placard on their dashboard are subject to immediate tow without warning.

To help address the parking situation, the Baytree HOA Board has established a Parking Committee with the goal of optimizing parking access via timely tracking and management of both the special temporary construction permits and spaces as well as the regular orange "BAYTREE HOA" guest permits.

(*) Kudos to HOA member Steven K. for all his efforts in coming up with the "parking shuffle" plan.

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