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Beginning December 1, 2016 Shoreline Property Management, in partnership with Pilera Property Management Software, began offering a web portal service.
Some of the announced features include: online account balance review; electronic payments; maintenance of Unit profile information (owner contact, tenants, vehicles, pets, etc.); access to Association documents and financials; community calendar, e-mail, voice messaging; work orders and maintenance requests; and other services.

The ANNOUNCEMENT MEMO (at right) was included in the account statements sent out to Members in mid-November 2016.

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Members are encouraged to use the portal. NOTE: Though the HOA-maintained member section below remains operational, changes in Google's security has made access a bit cumbersome. We are working to resolve this issue.

NOTICE:  You are about to enter a secure "Members-Only" section of the BTHOA web site

The information contained in this section of the BTHOA web site is for the private use of Association Members ONLY and is not intended for use by non-member residents or the general public.  While much of the information contained in this section is "public domain", BTHOA considers its presentation here to be Association-specific.  Moreover, the Association acknowledges and warns viewers that some of this information could be considered "confidential" by other Members or by other residents.  For that reason, we defer to these privacy concerns and insist that anyone viewing this information give it the same consideration and treatment.

USER AGREEMENT:  By providing your Login/Password and entering this site, you hereby agree to:
  • Not share your login/password with anyone
  • Use the information only for personal needs pertaining directly to your Association membership
  • Not share information found in this section with anyone
Breach of this policy and/or failure to respect its intent may be cause for having your password disabled.  Your password will be re-issued upon overt signed re-assertion of your agreement to this policy.  Material breach of this policy or misuse of information found in this section may be the basis for civil or criminal action.  Seriously.

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